Online Cash Advances

Online cash advances are an invisible nemesis continually raising cain and making all our lives miserable. Should you fear online cash advances? NEVER! YOu've got the Payday Loan Hero!

Online Cash Advances - Curses!

From the land of invisibility...

No one is exactly sure where these online cash advances came from. They crept up on our peace-loving society like a crab in the night, click clacking lightly through cyber-streets and burrowing deep beneath our cash loving fat. From being a strange technological anomaly to completely dominating the lives of millions of citizens, these online cash advances made their presence be known, and their presence is known as a hellish pain in the pocketbook!

Beware online cash advances, beware of the Payday Loan Hero!

Never cash solutions are here! The Payday Loan Hero could never fully trust this newfound friend of American greed:

Ohh! The balance of the universe was throttled on the day when cash advances moved online, and the life of the Payday Loan Hero got that much more difficult. More people could apply at a faster rate and with less information to back up their application. And no matter how hard the Hero fights the online cash advance just keeps gaining ground, creeping and sleeking into our PCs, lurking throughout the INternet and ready to pounce!

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