Instant Cash Loans

Instant cash loans act too fast to bank on a rescue from the Payday Loan Hero. You're on your own with instant cash loans. Sorry.

Instant Cash Loans - My Powers Are Useless!

Hey, Im the Payday Loan Hero, not the payday loan genie. I'm not magic, I can't be in two places at once, and there is no way I can save a person once they apply for instant cash loans. Its just too fast, the obligations and pressures are too great - heros know their limitations and mine stop right at that instant barrier.

Instant cash loans are the toys of braggarts

Fortunately for me - but more fortunately for you - there is no way for today's lenders to actually make cash loans purely instant. Time, it seems, is still a financial barrier:

Its safe to say that if you find a lender offering instant cash loans, they are lying and your money will probably reach your account in a few hours. Thats still pretty fast, but more than slow enough for the Payday Loan Hero to help. So up, up and payday!

Enemies are everywhere...

But who knows what those devious lenders are cooking up this very minute? Maybe they are out there, coming up with some novel approach to cash advances that will indeed create an instant cash loan, and despite my ultra-sconic hearing I just...can't...hear them! Just remember - your current financial desperation is worth a lot of money to a lot of people. They'll do anything to profit off your need for financial assistance - but they'll never beat those people who remember the words of The Hero.

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