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Our second part of the story about Debbie and Will continues... Debbie and Ray just conceived a baby after their old car broke down on the highway somewhere in the Sonoran desert. It was a strange evening where they witnessed some pretty crazy thing's like birds singing about fast cash loans. Overhead clouds actually spelled out something about fast cash loans. Anyway, Debbie is pregnant and they both know that there is a special super-hero destiny for their little fetus.

fast cash loans - the adventure continues...

Debbie and Will packed up their stuff and headed for the car, not sure if the tequila they had was the culprit for their surreal night. Along the way they found a tortoise in the sand spelling out a message. The turtle wrote this in the sand: fast cash loans. Debbie, who is fat with child, and Will were shocked; their jaws dropped and they looked at each other with darting, unbelieving eyes. "What in the world are fast cash loans?" they asked in unison.

Debbie and Will slowly made their way up the embankment to their car where they found their car running and humming like it just left the showroom. They were astounded. They walked around it and were amazed at how new the paint looked; glossy and so shiny. When they got into the car and turned on the air conditioner, a fuzzy message showed up on their window - fast cash loans!

Debbie and Will looked at each other and down at the baby-to-be. They didn't know anything but they knew that somehow fast loans had to do with their little creation. Beyond that, they could only wonder. And wonder they did.

The moral of this story is debatable, but, if Ray hadn't gotten Debbie pregnant to begin with, they wouldn't need fast personal loans. Period, end of story.

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