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No Fax Needed Payday Loans

In part four of our story about Debbie, Will and the Super-hero baby-to-be continues... Debbie and Will have just gotten into the closet town. They found a motel and went up to their room to rest and wonder about what was going on. they turned on the TV and all that came up was this one single message: no faxing payday loans. They turned off the TV. Then they turned on the radio and a voice whispered: payday loans! they turned off the big radio and slowly sat on the bed together trying to desperately figure out what was going on...

no fax needed payday loans - a super-hero baby is born

Debbie was beginning to feel a little dizzy and lifted her shirt up enough to reveal that she looked like she was about to have a baby any minute. She laid down on the plaid blanketed bed and began to breath really hard. But she wasn't in any pain... Will looked around to boil hot water and look for a phone but by the time he got back from the car for his cellphone - a baby girl was crying.

Debbie was standing in the doorway with the baby to her chest and Will was speechless. Then the baby stopped crying and said these three sets of words as plain as day: no fax needed payday loans, no fax needed payday loans, no fax needed payday loans!

Debbie and Will knew that they were witnessing something extraordinary and hurried back inside before the monsoon rains came upon them... The baby was beautiful and strong. She seemed like your everyday kind of baby girl, except she was growing very, very fast and every now and then she would open her mouth and clearly and distinctly say: no fax payday loans!

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