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Sarah's parents were traveling through the Sonoran desert in their old pontiac grand prix when they first began a journey that would change the world forever. The story of how Sarah was born will be told and retold for a hundred centuries. Where it really begins is a question that may always be debated but we believe it all began on the night of Sarah's conception. Debbie and Will were broke, you see, they had nothing left to do but wait for light and hope that they could get at least a tow into town. It was then, under a glimmering sea of stars that they first conceived of fast cash loans. They dreamed and envisioned how good it would be if there was such a thing as fast loans to help people out who had trouble making their paychecks cover all their expenses... They saw millions of people all across the world, find relief from their cash woes.

They were only about 30 yards away in a wash, looking up at the stars when they heard the cry of a golden eagle. They scanned the skies and were dazed when a flash of light from far above cascaded upon them. The light seemed to drip upon them from above and they felt a timeless feeling; a feeling of bliss and awareness that made them cry and hug each other. They were not afraid and felt enveloped in this light as if in a cozy down blanket.

fast loans online - a super-hero is conceived

Debbie and Will melted into each other's embrace and... When the sun peeked above the clouds, Debbie awoke first and found that she was pregnant. As if for four or five months. Will's jaw dropped and debbie began to laugh and laugh.

That morning, strange clouds gathered overhead. The yellow sun beamed upon them and all the birds began to chirp and sing. It sounded like the birds were saying something to them. The song birds grew louder and louder and began to swirl above them and clearly they were singing and repeating these mysterious words, "fast loans online!"

Debbie and Will were astounded and perplexed. They looked up to the heavens and the clouds began to change shape as if they were alive and they spelt out these words, "fast loans online!"

They were beside themselves. They knew that these words must be a sign. But what are 'fast loans online,' what can they be?

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