Cheap Payday Loans

Can you find cheap payday loans? Long - and short - answer is no, no, NO! Cheap payday loans are not only unrealistic, but financially dangerous to believe in.

Cheap Payday Loans - Say What?

So you're looking at payday loans, wanting to find the best deal, the biggest bang for your buck. So you look, and you find $20 per $100, $17.50, maybe even $15. Thats as low as you can possibly go, and $15 for a two-week max loan of only $100 is ridiculous, calculating into an APR of about 390%. So cheap payday loans are simply not an issue - they just don't exist. Mythical. Poof. Unheroic.

The magical realm of cheap payday loans

Yet millions of consumers - cash strapped consumers at that - continue to flock to payday advance loans for financial solutions to financial problems with the full belief that they are getting a good deal or low cost payday loans. You want cheap payday loans? How about this:

Those would sure be some cheap payday loans, huh? Really great stuff...and it almost happened.

The tragic quest of Senator Don Perata

The above scenario of truly cheap payday loans was the exact plan stated by Senator Don Perata (D- California) in his Senate Bill 834 to create "reasonable oversight of the payday loan industry." This example of low fee payday loans would have revolutionized the entire payday industry, but the bill failed and we continue to see the high rates of today. Will visionary men like Senator Perata even attempt another go at payday advance expenses? Or will they just be beaten back by the Man in the House, or by consumers who simply want easy access to high-cost cash? The day of the payday loans is upon us! Who will rise to be the real Payday Loans Hero? Senator Perata tried his hand, maybe yours will be the one to slay some real giants.

A payday loan by any other name- is still a payday loan

One of the tactics employed by the lending industry is to call these loans by many other names. They took the faxing out of the process and called them no faxing payday loans. they must have gotten a lot of responses by people who did not have a checking account, because soon enough they started calling the same old payday loans savings account payday loans instead. then they had to think long and hard about who else they had not yet taken advantage of and what did they come up with? A-hah, our armed forces, they said in unison, we have not taken nearly enough away from them so let's call our payday loans military payday loans!

And the list goes on and on, presumably the pseudonyms will get more and more strange once they run out of ideas or the people catch on- then things could get interesting.

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