Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad credit personal loans are a whale of a good time if you don't mind getting your face punched like ten thousand times. Toss yourself into the pit and apply for bad credit personal loans.

Bad Credit Personal Loans - Hanging Out In The Mosh Pit

People are going to some strange lengths these days to have themselves a good time. We listen to music that sounds like horses dying and punch one another in the gut. We leap out of airplanes, pierce our spines and drag ourselves through cactus - just for a few yuks! We see an upcoming financial need that stands to make us even the slightest bit uncomfortable and we apply for bad credit personal loans knowing full well what sort of agony we'll face - and we get all giddy inside when we find an opportunity for cheap personal loans when we know affordability is a fleeting benefit.

Feeling good by feeling bad

The Payday Loan Hero will be the first to tell anyone that bad credit personal loans are simply a bad idea:

Its all right there staring us in the face yet we apply, and apply, and apply some more. We can;t seem to get enough of these bad credit personal loans - maybe because they're the only gig in town that couldn't care less about credit in the first place.

The priorities of bad credit personal loans

Enough about where your priorities need to be when you apply for these unsecured personal loans, what about the priorities of the loans themselves? One word - profit. Making money off your financial misfortunes is the tao of the payday advance industry, and the longer people take to repay these loans the more money is made on the side of the lender. If more money can be made by targeting people with a history of faulty payments the lenders will do it - and thats exactly what they are doing by making the bad credit personal loan so readily available.

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