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Friday, March 18, 2005

Payday Loan Hero is jumping into all sorts of crazy action to make payday loans more easily understood. We notice the trends in the payday advance loans industry, and we tell you which are good, and which are real bad - then we tie the bad ones into tight-fitting knots and fling them mightily into the stratosphere. We've taken a heroic stand against military payday loans because military loans are simply no good for nobody. High levels of debt and an overall decrease in military readiness and morale can attest to the statement that military loans SUCK and no one but the Hero seems to be doing anything about it. But we also understand the need for these fast payday loans, the soldiers need for fast, reliable financial assistance, and while we are tempted to throw up our mighty hero arms and scream out into the darkness oh what can we do! we won', because the Payday Loan Hero don't play that. What we do play is online payday loans education, showing you how to make the most of your bad credit loans and avoid all the traps and unseen financial pitfalls. Good luck, and if you need help with your payday advance, just remember - the Payday Loan Hero will be there! Or here, even heroes can be lazy and exercise the American privilege of sloth.


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